Make Surge Protection a Priority

Electric surges or power surges can be destructive and costly. A power surge occurs when the line voltage goes higher than it is rated for and stays there longer than ten milliseconds. In today’s high-tech world, computerized appliances and electronics can be damaged or destroyed by surges in electrical lines. Appliances are zapped by an average of 20 power surges every day. These surges are power fluctuations that go unnoticed except by your appliances. The end result can shorten appliance lifespan by as much as 30%. Thunderbolt electricians can install an entire home surge protection system to give you peace of mind that all of your electrical devices and appliances are protected during electrical storms and power surges.

We Recommend

A whole house surge protector is designed to protect the entire home against various surges that enter through the home’s electric supply. These devices do not protect from surges created internally in the home that can occur. Whole house devices are installed at the meter or electrical panel and require installation by a licensed electrical contractor.

These surge protectors regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to the ground.

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